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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oktober...I mean, StudyFest

So, unfortunatly, contrary to my previous post's prediction for the weekend, I did not go to Oktoberfest. Instead, over the past 8 days, I have had some sort of examination in all 4 of my classes. Not only that, but, after all the studying I did for them all, I still didn't even do that great. Here, I'll break it down right quick for you...

Fluids: I had all week to study for this thing and spent most of it reviewing homeworks and memroizing equations and processes. I got to the test and little mistake by little misatke, I ended up not doing so hot. It wasn't that I didn't know the material, I just made little mistakes and they add up.

The following week had 3 examinations:

History: The easiest of them all. All I had to do was read a few readings and then take a 10 question quiz...simple and I got a 9/10.

Mechanics of Materials: I had this material down but I had a complete brain lapse of equations when I took the test after getting only a handfull of hours of sleep. So far 1 for 3. Luckily for me, my teacher wants to give everyone A's and said that I could definetly still get an A as long as I worked hard....which I definetly will.

Thermodymanics: After doing so poorly on both Mechanics and Fluids, I studied my ass off for this test. I got to the test, took a shot of espresso, and got pumped to write down all the information I'd been craming into my skull. After a solid hour and a half of working the problems to full completion, I started reading over the problem statements agian and with no time left, realized that for problem 1 (30% of the test) I somehow only read half of the problem statement and basically created a problem totally different in my head. I guess I can just never win can I...If I hadn't done that terrible mistake I could have easily gotten a high B if not an A on a test that the rest of the class felt they did very poorly on. I pray that my teacher shows some pitty on my situation and grants me a descent grade, or at least a chance to fix it.

Other than studying, the past two weeks was filled with a few really strange Supelec (the college we share dorms with) parties and two trips downtown to hang out last weekend. Once at this awsome Belgian beer bar that has actual trees growing out of the ground and into the ceiling in side of it, and then another night at a French-Morrocan resturaunt. Both were a fun break from constant studying.

Well, I'm sorry for such a sort and boring post but next week will for sure be one to come back and read. In case you don't remember from my previous post, I'm headed to SW France to a town called Biarritz for a surf camp/watching the Quiksilver Pro. Check out the website for the place I'm going to...and actually leaving for in about half an hour!!

I can't wait, I'm super stoked. Hopefully the guy picking me up is there and I can hit the beach bright and early tomorrow morning!

Plans for weekend after that: more extreemeness in Interlaken, Switzerland with the second highest bungy jump in the world (600ft) along with possible white water rafting, repelling, skydiving, etc...

Till then, au revoir!


At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like to have sex with domestic animals. sorry to hear about the poor tests. welcome to my life

joseph raz


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