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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Metz, France...what!?

Unfortunately, nothing really exciting happened this weekend...sorry if you were expecting something super interesting and adventurous, it just didn't really happen. However, instead of just talking about my un-eventful weekend, I'll break it up into two segments. Part 1: my weekend and Part 2: one of my favorite stories from other friends travel experiences.
Part 1: My weekend

The weekend started off with a fun night downtown at a club called (translated) the two zebras. I actually didn't even know there was a club there until after I walked into the bar and down a spiral staircase was a small, but fun, underground club. After a while dancing there, I headed back home at around 2 or 3am.

The next day Pioter, Dustin and I decided to get some lunch downtown as well as accompany Dustin so he could get train tickets for his trip next weekend to Italy. When at the bus stop, we ran into Katherine, a fellow GTL student. She was headed to Paris with her parents, who left for the train station earlier since she was running late. Turns out that her train was an unprecedented hour late! After Dustin said 'forget it' to the super long line at the Metz ticket booth, we grabbed a Doner Kepab (a pita like thing) in L'Place St. Jaques followed by ice cream where we talked a lot about energy and its effect on society/economy (yeah, were not geeks or anything). We got cold when some big winds set in so we felt it the right time to go home.

Dustin still wanted to try his luck at the train station so we caught the first bus that we thought would get us there. However, the bus we took was going the wrong direction. 45 minutes later we got to the train station (a usual 5 minute ride) but decided we should just head home since our bus ticket was only good for an hour.

After that, we talked about where we should go for a day trip: Champagne, Stuttgart, etc...

We concluded that Champagne for tastings/tours was the best bet since it was not even 2 hours away, unlike the 4 hours to Stuttgart. Not decided on what time or if we would even go, I made dinner at home as a few people went downtown again followed by a movie and an early, much needed, sleep.

The next day I woke up at 11am to find a note in my door from Dustin saying that he and Pioter were leaving for Champagne at 6:00 am to catch a 7am train that day...woops, thanks guys! After the initial heart break, I hung out with a friend and watched one of the movies I downloaded on my computer followed by another home cooked meal and a trip downtown to my favorite bar that serves only Belgian beers (mmm, my favorite).

Sunday was pretty dull as well with some homework, internet surfing and watching a recording of the Yellow Jackets get destroyed by Clemson on someone's computer and now I'm here...typing this.
Part 2: My favorite story

I'll start off with my friend Tony Pendalino...well I should say where do I start with this kid. A born wanderer, Tony finds himself in the most precarious situations on a regular basis but seems to always come out unscathed. I'll tell a tale of his adventures at Oktoberfest...

Tony and Gavin went to Munich to visit a friend of theirs as well as participate in the biggest gathering of beer bellied, drunken fools in the world: Oktoberfest. The trip there was fine, as well as most of the first day where the three found themselves in such a stupor that they decided to take a nap on a nice grassy hill with a multitude of other Oktoberfestians. I'll tell the next part in two different perspectives, one from Gavin and the other from Tony.

First Gavin's:
I was sleeping next to Tony on the hill and the next thing I know, I wake up and he's gone. I'm thinking that he just went to the bathroom or something so we waited around for a bit then decided that we would go looking for him in the crowd of a couple hundred thousand, yeah, like that's going to work. After no success, we figured there was no hope and just prayed that Tony remembered how to get a hold of us (note: Tony has no cell phone) and/or the way to get back to our friends place that he's only been to once and is miles away from the Oktoberfest site. We replaced our worry with another liter of beer, and another to later find ourselves back at my friends place with no sign of Tony.

However, next day at Oktoberfest, we get over to one of the tents and sure enough, I get a phone call from Tony saying he found an internet cafe and my phone number. After we met back up, we heard his crazy side of the story...

Now, Tony's side:
I was sleeping on the hill right next to Gavin and my friend and the next thing I knew, they were gone! Maybe I just sleep walked right out of their sight, or was just really wasted but all I knew is that I need to pee. I did my thing, went back to where I thought they were and couldn't find them. I tried searching the places we had been previously and with no luck, bought another liter to ease my sorrows.

When the last tent sang the last song I realized that I had no idea where I was going to sleep and with no phone numbers and phone, I just started walking in the direction of the train station we got to the Marienplatz on. (The Marienplatz is the area in which Oktoberfest takes place). When I reached the train tracks, I just started walking. Not really sure where I was going, I decided to take a nap in this ditch that looked nice. I woke up a little later and started walking along this fun trail that lead into the woods. After I ventured along that for a good while, I took nap in another less conspicuous ditch and later made it to the train station where I rode/slept on the train from 6:00am until 10:00am when I hoped to find an internet cafe in order to get a hold of Gavin.

I eventually found an internet cafe near the Marianplatz, called Gavin and met up with him to share another fun day together drinking liter beers...

I may not be able to give this story justice but I hope you can imagine hearing that and just wondering what the hell was going through Tony's mind. Not to mention, I got a call from Gavin during that weekend asking if I heard from Tony since he couldn't find him. haha...

Well, this next week I've got one test to worry about and then I'm off for an entire week!! Woo hoo for fall break (not like I've been working particularly hard or anything). Plans: fly to Athens, Greece to sight see then off to the island Corfu at a hostel resort called the Pink Palace. My travel book describes the Pink Palace in one glorious sentence:

"Here, hordes of American and Canadian backpackers trade travel stories and bodily fluids while enjoying the nightclub, clothing optional cliff-diving and other water sports"

Needless to say, the next entry will probably be very short, as I might have to censor most of the events so future employers don't read it. haha, no, I'm only kidding but next week should definitely be a fun one.

Anyway, thanks for reading and tune in next time.

'Till then, au revoir!


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